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Scale Model

Using the Scale Model tool will resize all entities in a drawing.

To resize an imported drawing:

  1. (Optional) Center your view on the imported drawing by pressing select all (CTRL+A), then Zoom to Selection (CTRL+ALT+S).

  2. Locate a line on the imported drawing for which you know the length (e.g. property line or dimension).

  3. Open the measure tool to check the length of the line. 

  4. If the length is not correct, divide the known length (what it should be) by the length of the line that was just measured (what it currently is). This number will be the scale factor.

  5. Open the Scale Model tool.

  6. Enter the required scale factor under "scale" in the sidebar.

  7. Click Confirm to apply changes.

  8. Check the length of the known line again to ensure that the drawing has been resized properly.

  9. (Optional) After scaling, check if your imported drawing is within page limits using Zoom to Extents (ALT+E). Then, if needed, select all, and move selection to the page.

  10. (Optional) Open Drawing Properties to change your paper format if necessary.