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DynaScape Creator comes with a pre-set template of layers, ready to use for landscape designers.

Line weight is the width of a line and corresponds to the lightness or darkness of the line. The default line weight or thickness of each layer have been chosen to represent different aspects of the drawing. Proper line weights make the design easier to understand by adding depth and character to the drawing, and help to communicate the dimensionality of the space. Thin lines are used for objects farthest away in plan view like hatch patterns, up to thicker lines for objects closer in plan view like structures and trees. By using the Creator layers, you do not need to modify the line weights for individual entities.

Line color (used in the Dark palette) defaults for each layer helps to identify which layer entities have been drawn on.

By having entities associated with appropriate layers, you can easily toggle entities on or off, or lock them in place. For example, add site plans images to the Site Image layer and lock this layer after scaling the image so that you do not accidentally move it, then toggle the layer off when it is no longer need. Or place all Dimension entities on the Dimension layer so that they are easy to hide.