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Figure Count

The Figure Count tool examines the drawing, retrieves names, calculates numbers, allowing users to see how many figures are in the drawing. This will allow users to determine how many of a particular figure exists within a drawing, facilitating the creation of softscape labels with accurate quantities.

To use Figure Count tool:
  1. Click on the Figure Count tool.

  2. The itemized list of figures within the drawing is/are displayed under the column headers "Figure Name" and "Count," respectively.

  3. Figures are grouped within dropdown categories that are consistent with the Insert figure or plant tool (Accessories, Plants, Garden Furniture, Palms, Pools, Rocks, Shrubs A, Shrubs B, Trees, Vehicles).

  4. Click on the list item in the sidebar to highlight the figures on-canvas. This visually indicates which figures the list item pertains to.